(25 6/18) SOCCER Medal Saint Sebastian Brass SEBANO Sports Good Luck Coin 1.7 Minted DKC Mint

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Sebano Coins: There is a long history of touch pieces, good luck coins, and faith coins. Sebano Coins embody the concept that special coins that are charged with the proper energy, faith, and blessings will bring good luck, good fortune, positive outcomes, and positively influence people’s behavior. Sebano Coins play a special role for athletes. Different from medals, the Sebano Coin is meant be carried in your pocket, and when energized properly can produce amazing results for the intended person. Sebano coins are used by athletes, their friends and family. The practice is for the athlete to carry the coin all the time in a pocket. To compliment the effort and get a stronger impact, family members and friends will also carry their Sebano Coin. Sebano Coins can be charged and energized by an individual holding the coin in their hand and stating a prayer, blessing, or desire of a positive outcome associated with the coin and a particular individual. Once the coin is properly energized, all that needs to be done is carry the coin and touch it once in a while while visualizing the positive outcomes desired. Sebano Coins are quietly used by sports teams where all members are given a Sebano Coin and a common positive prayer and positive outcome is used to energize the coins. Frequently a team will have the coins blessed with a prayer by a priest wishing the team and it’s members success and safe journey in their sports endeavors. Whether for individual, family, or team use, Sebano Coins are an incredible way to channel positive energy and results for your favorite athlete. Buy one today and feel the incredible results that can be achieved. And of course you have Saint Sebastian the Patron Saint of Athletes on your side ! Search on SEBANO COINS for a full listing of all sports coins…track,martial arts, basketball, golf, softball, baseball, football, tennis, swimming, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, wrestling, weight lifting, and volleyball.



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