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Product Description ALEX Toys Artist Studio My Art Spinner lets you create one-of-a-kind works of art. Pour paint onto the quickly spinning cards to create unique splashes and circles that can’t be duplicated. Make frames, cards and more! Includes Art Spinner, splash shield, 5 bottles of paint (0.6 oz.), 20 black and white cards, gold and silver glitter (0.5 oz.) and easy instructions. Requires 1 C battery (not included). Recommended for children 6 years of age and older. Gear up and use a real battery powered machine to spin up a whole gallery of cool spintacular art. Create unique works by dripping paint onto the spinning plate. Kids can make cards, picture frames and wall art with 5 different colors of paint and gold and silver glitter, too. $ bright colors of Spinner Paint Spintacular works of art- unique every time. The Art of Experimentation A world of exploration and experimentation awaits your child as they try different techniques with My Art Spinner. What will happen if you drip more drops of paint? Less drops? Try dripping them closer together or farther apart. How do the different colors blend together? There is lots of paper included in the kit and each painting only takes a few seconds to make so feel free to make a ton and perfect your technique. Unique Artwork Every Time The fun of My Art Spinner is that each piece is completely unique, like a snowflake. No two will come out the same. Each Spin Art picture takes only seconds to make so you can really see how your actions create different results. Learn about centrifugal force in a creative and colorful way. It is magical to watch how the paint spins away from the center creating beautiful starbursts and splashes. Don’t worry about messes- a splash guard is included. Neat and Easy to Clean Don’t worry about messes- a splash guard is included. Just pop it on top of the machine before you get started and it will keep your work surface and clothes tidy. Clean up is a snap. Just wipe down the machine with a damp cloth or paper towel when you are finished. The spinning plate also detaches for easy clean up. What’s In The Box? Comes with My Art Spinner machine, 5 bottles of paint (.6 fl oz/ 18 ml each), 20 black and white cards, gold and silver glitter, splash shield and easy instructions. Requires 1”C” (LR-14) battery, not included. So many projects you can make with My Art Spinner!



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