(Set) Original Spirograph Design Tin & Deluxe Spirograph Kit Artful Designs

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The award winning Spirograph is back. This fun drawing set will have your budding artist creating a kaleidoscope of colors on paper. Stars and stripes, ribbons and bows, circles and squares, third dimensional images large and small…you name it. It will keep both the Spirograph wheels and the wheels in their mind turning. Unlike stencil art that requires the artist to follow a pattern, the Spirograph toy lets you create a variety of artistic treasures. Spirograph has distinguishing wheels and rings that intelligently merge the principles of art and mathematics in a way that has inspired and captivated generations. It encourages friend and family fun, maybe even a little competition. Whatever the case, be prepared to watch the power of the artist’s imagination spill onto paper or canvas. You can use your Spirograph with more than just the art markers provided. They work great with ballpoint pens, colored pencils or fine tip paint pens as well. With the Spirograph, millions of possibilities will be created by simply rotating a plastic wheel inside a plastic ring and tracing the wheel’s path with a pen, pencil, marker or paint pen of your choice.



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